VW Caravelle T6 2.0 TDI XLong AC - automatic - DSG - Comfortline

Caravelle Long T6 - dlouhá verze. Luxusní výbava: bitermální tonovaná skla včetně záclonek,  klimatronic 3 zonový s chlazeným stropem, 9 míst, kobercové čalounění podlahy v celém prostoru, pilotní sedadlo řidiče včetně opěrek,  tempomat, elektrická okna, centrál servo, radio MP3, Greenline - spotřeba 6.5 L nafty

Nový vůz - automatická převodovka DSG
1-2 days3-6 days7-12 days13-22 days23-30 days
4 900CZK 3 500CZK 2 700CZK 2 200CZK 1 300CZK


We offer professional vehicle maintenance with short deadlines, for affordable prices.

  • Body repair work and paint work including assurance of spare parts
  • Digital straightening bench and professional vehicle paint shop with box fitted with an exhaust fan
  • Manual cleaning of vehicle interiors (wet and dry) including renovation of vehicle paintwork
  • Preparation of vehicles for their Technical Inspection (MOT Test) and vehicle Technical Inspections, including emission reports
  • Windscreens – repairs to and replacement of vehicle windows and windscreens
  • Installation of accessories and vehicle equipment
  • Tyre services – supplying tyres of all dimensions at wholesale prices
  • Oil changes (Castrol)
  • Testing of dampers, brakes and undercarriage systems – wheel alignment
  • Replenishment of air-conditioning fluids
  • Installation of and repairs to security equipment, radios + vehicle electronics

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